The Haven Advantage

Haven Agent Benefits

Haven The Agency is a revolutionary, National Real Estate Network where Real Estate meets Technology. Powered by Haven Advantage, HTA offers a modern, sophisticated way of practicing real estate.

Our agents receive complete financial and personal freedom. We give our agents support, training, state-of-the-art software and commissions amounting to double the industry standard. Our agents can build a business within our business by recruiting peers to join the Haven team.

They can earn extremely lucrative ongoing commissions from this referral system. Our vendors benefit by dealing with quality agents who have access to inspiring mentors, fast and effective marketing and our unique, custom built Haven Advantage software. This enables our agents to deliver outstanding service at a better rate within a quicker turnaround time.

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Commision Calculator

$ Amount (inc GST):
S1: Total Sale Value: $500,000.00
C: Total Commission Pot @ $2.00%: $10,000.00
P1: Sales Agent's 80% Commission: $7,208.00
Branch 1 (4.00%): Your commission: $360.40
Branch 2 (3.00%): Your commission: $270.30
Branch 3 (1.50%): Your commission: $135.15
Branch 4 (1.00%): Your commission: $90.10
Branch 5 (0.50%): Your commission: $45.05
C: Total Commission: $9,010.00
# of Referrals at each level: Your Commission (inc gst):
L1: $3,604.00
L2: $2,703.00
L3: $1,351.50
L4: $901.00
L5: $450.50
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